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Ohio Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Ohioans are eligible to donate $750 (or $1500 for those who are married and filing jointly) to a scholarship-granting organization that will provide a tax credit to you based on your tax liability. While you cannot claim more than your total tax liability, as long as you owe at least $750 (or $1500 if married) on your Ohio taxes, you can donate up to the full amount and receive an equivalent amount as a credit on your State of Ohio tax return. 


Your tax refund can quickly offset your gift amount if you donate before filing your taxes by April 15th! Consult your tax advisor on specific situations and remember to claim the credit when filing your taxes.  Also, if married and filing jointly, please submit two separate donations. 


I hope you take advantage of this opportunity which will impact our students!

How to Donate

BHCS has partnered with an official Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) called The Ohio Scholarship Fund dba Ever Child, Every Family. BHCS will also benefit from donations made to The Diocese of Toledo's Scholarship Granting Organization. 
If you have a tax liability with the state of Ohio and you make a donation to either of these SGO's designated to Bishop Hoffman Catholic School, you can receive a 100% tax credit (dollar for dollar) for your donation, up to $750 if you file singly, or $1500 if married, filing jointly. 

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