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BHCS Annual Fund

While tuition enables us to meet standards and maintain facilities, we rely on additional support to help bridge the gap between an average and exceptional Catholic education experience. The Annual Fund serves as the building block of our fundraising efforts, benefitting every student. Your support is vital to our operations and allows us to thrive, fulfilling our mission to nurture the hearts and minds of our students. 

Help us to continue to build on the legacy of Catholic education here at BHCS through your tax-deductible, charitable contribution. 

What is the BHCS Annual Fund?

The BHCS Annual Fund is a fundraising campaign conducted on a yearly basis to solicit financial support from parents, alumni, parishioners, and the broader community. The goal of this appeal is to raise funds that will help the school meet its financial needs and maintain or enhance the quality of education it provides. These funds often support a wide range of initiatives, such as scholarships, building maintenance, educational programs, technology upgrades, and other essential operation costs. Every student benefits from your commitment to this fund. 

Why do we need a fund that is separate from tuition?

Tuition fees cover a portion of the school's operating expenses and is a crucial source of revenue; however, it doesn't fully cover the true cost of providing an excellent, faith-based education. Tuition falls short of funding all resources necessary to enhance our student's educational experience here at BHCS. This fund plays a pivotal role in maintaining the school's quality. 

Why is your participation important?

Participating in the BHCS Annual Fund is not only about providing financial support but also upholding the school mission and the strong Christian values and commitment to the young people who are the future of our community. The collective effort of Alumni, parents and grandparents, BHCS Governing Board members, staff, friends of the School, businesses, and charitable foundations ensures that Catholic education continues to thrive and make a difference in the lives of our students. 

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