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EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

On July 3rd, 2023, Governor DeWine signed into law exciting changes to the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship program that will benefit ALL families in grades K-12 who seek a faith-filled education.  Here is some information.


1)    EVERY student (K-12) enrolled at BHCS is eligible to receive the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship starting with the 23-24 school year.


2)    Families earning less than 450% of the poverty level (ex: $140,400 for a family of four) will be eligible for the maximum scholarship amount.


3)    Families earning over the 450% level will qualify based on a tiered system that will award a portion of the maximum amount of the scholarship.


4)    Maximum amount of the scholarship for K-8 is $6,166 and $8,408 for grades 9-12.


5)    The specific scholarship amount will depend on your family’s 2023 gross annual income and your household size.

For additional information on becoming a Crimson Streak and taking advantage of this scholarship opportunity, please contact

Pam Hines, Enrollment Coordinator, at 419-332-5124 or

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