The BHCS Governing Board has released an update on the Buildings and Grounds Utilization Ad-Hoc Committee.  

Many exciting events happened with our students this week!   We kicked off the week with a Senior parent meeting helping them prepare for their graduating senior's future after SJCC.  The SJCC Golf Team placed 2nd in the first ever SRL  (Sandusky River League) golf invite while our Lady Streaks volleyball team raised $1200 for Sandusky County Positive People in their charity match versus the Lakota Raiders on Tuesday night.  There have been some exciting tennis matches as our Lady Streaks defeated Oak Harbor 5-0!

In Mr. Perrin's  Biology and Physiology classes, the students are studying cell anatomy and physiology (cell parts and how they work).  They will be using new microscopes as they look at cheek skin cells -- freshly scraped from their cheeks!  They will also look at onion skin cells taken from a fresh onion.  Finally, they will look at prepared slides of various plant and animal tissues.  

Father Eric has been meeting with the SJCC students who have an interest in being a Eucharistic minister.  These students are also encouraged to sign up as a Eucharistic minister at their parishes for the weekend masses.  

SJCC also started a new and exciting opportunity for students!  The students recently collaborated to create a daily video announcement system utilizing our new media lab and broadcasted through televisions in each classroom.  The first week was a huge success!  

At the St. Joseph Campus, the teachers began training to prepare for new testing technology in our new and improved technology lab.  Student Council elections were held for the school year-congratulations to all our new leaders!  St. Joseph Campus Lit Club members are starting a student book exchange for our students.    The Lit Club, made up of 7th and 8th grade students, and with Mr. Dan Rose as advisor, meet once a month to discuss a book of their choice.

The Kindergarten classes visited Eshleman's Fruit Farm on Friday, Sept.26th and learned about the cycle of the seasons and how the workers take care of the trees and fruit as it grows throughout the seasons. They also saw how the fruit is cleaned and shipped.  Mrs. Dry's Kindergarten class is excited about learning  about character, settings and sequencing in stories.

At the Sacred Heart Campus, Mrs. Wagner gave each staff member a mini poster to hang  outside their classroom listing the books they are currently reading. This is to promote reading literacy and to show the students that reading follows thru to your adult life. Mr. Lindenberger's Phys. Ed classes this week have been working on a Soccer Unit and will participate in a "World Cup Tournament" at the end of the week.

Mrs. Giebel's 1st grade class is learning about the special "items" in our Catholic Church and how we celebrate Mass.  They are also learning how to be a "good" citizen in God's word.

We have many wonderful and exciting events happening in our schools as we "Reach and Teach the Mind, Body, Heart and Soul of Each child to Bring Them Closer To God".

Bishop Hoffman Catholic School