The BHCS Governing Board has released an update on the Buildings and Grounds Utilization Ad-Hoc Committee.  

As we near the middle of our 1st quarter, our seniors Matthew Boyer (Rotary Club) and Jeremiah Gregory & Andrea Riehl (Lions Club) were recognized as the service organization students of the month. Our service clubs EXCEL and Key Club are off to a great start planning their volunteer service activities for the year.   Our sixth grade students started off their first week of volunteering for the AAA Safety Patrol program.  They will be responsible for safely crossing our St. Joseph Campus students as they attend Mass each week and also provide a safe crosswalk for our walking students.  The fourth grade students participated in a field trip at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds.  Our littlest Streaks took part in the first "Spirit Club" of the year prior to the Lady Streaks Volleyball home game.  

Our PALS program kicked off their 2nd event with a special meet and greet for all our new parents over the weekend.  We have paired up our existing parents with our new families to help their transition to BHCS.  We are excited to make these new family connections and look forward to future events.  

Our BHCS teachers spent September 19 at a Diocesean inservice.  They began the day with an inspiring presentation on the topic of “Catholic School Charism." Mass was then celebrated by all attendees. They finished the day with a presentation by T.J. D’Agostino, Associate Director, University of Notre Dame’s ACE program which focused on our curriculum programs. 

Bishop Hoffman Catholic School